October 2019

October 2019

Dearest Friends in the Ministry,

October 2019 What a blessing to know the Lord of Glory uses us to lift up His name. Wherever we are at, we need to faithfully glorify Him in front of others. I thank the Lord for reminding me of His will today. He has a new place for us, but the same plan to lift Him up to see people saved, discipled, growing and then churches established. Thank you for faithfully co-laboring with us in the ministry. I pray the Lord uses you to serve Him today.

Unto Him the Glory
“Why did you come forward today? I asked. “I want to get saved.” Elijah replied. While sharing the wonderful news of our new mission field to Dearborn MI to First Calvary Baptist in Hampton VA, a young man came forward to be born again. As I prayed, I looked over and saw him praying. After I talked to him, he called on the name of the Lord and then excitedly told those around him. What a blessing to see the gospel at work to see people saved.

Praise the Lord you all are going to Dearborn!” I have been contacting pastors of supporting churches and so many have been encouraged by the Lord’s direction to go to Dearborn, the Islamic capital of North America. Some told us they would help with setup and other projects. Others said they would visit us and help the church plant get started and also visit for a mission’s trip.

“The ministry is growing and they are preaching the truth!” Beth excitedly told me. I praise the Lord Beth and the kids entered Egypt without problems. Many times, we hear how the Egyptian government bars a husband but not the wife, vice-versa. She finished much of our personal business and was able to bring some things back. The most exciting thing to see was how much the church has grown in so many ways. Beth taught the ladies and witnessed to several friends we may not see again. The children’s ministry flourishes as the little kids we started with have grown and now quote whole chapters of the Bible. Then during a service Beth called me through Facetime and I was able to preach and encourage the believers in Egypt right from my home! The place was jam packed! It was hard for them to say their good-byes, but overall the trip was great. I was so blessed by Beth’s report and the kids’ excitement as they were in Egypt. Thanks for the prayers.

The church in Egypt still needs a building of their own. If you want to share in this need, please click the link below and go to our names Gates, David and Beth and label it as Egypt building fund.

I am flying to Dearborn on the 21st of this month. Approximately half a million Arabs need to hear the gospel in their mother tongue. I will go soul winning and will seek a place we can call home and spy out the land for a place to start a church.

We have to restart in Dearborn and are saving for a setup fund for our home and the church. We know God provides for our needs. If you would like to help with this, please send your finances to the MWBM address below labeled Gates to Dearborn Setup fund. You can also hit the link below Gates, David and Beth and mark it Gates Setup Fund, as well.

Family Matters
The parental termination papers have been given to the State lawyer and she has less than a month to review and set a court date so we can adopt Noah! We see the end drawing near and once this is finished, we pray to move up to Dearborn while finishing things here. Joshua seems to be doing good and Sandy and Emma have been nominated for the World Changers Award at their school!

Think On These Things…
Not all Arabs are Muslim! Not all Muslims are Arab! In Dearborn, a large number of Catholic Arabs call themselves Chaldean and number about 100,000 on the outskirts of Detroit. I talked to one and he was very upset I didn’t honor Mary. I explained to him that Christ is creator and greater. He agreed and took the tract. Pray for the Chaldeans in Dearborn to see the Sufficient Savior and be saved.