Gates Family: Dearborn MI Feb. 2020 Prayer Letter

Gates Family: Dearborn MI Feb. 2020 Prayer Letter

And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.
Deut 31:8
God is moving

“Jesus did not die, but I will take the Bible and we will discuss it next month.” Ismail firmly answered. It was such a blessing visiting Dearborn. God let me accomplish much in a short time. One of the highlights of the trip is going door to door to witness and give out God’s word. Once again, every person that answered was Muslim except for 2 homes. All of them took a Bible and said kind words. Ismail wanted to argue and share the “correct” view of Christ. I patiently answered his questions. Pray as he reads the gospel of John and when I visit this upcoming month, I pray to be a bold and wise witness. 

“We can start an internet radio ministry that targets Dearborn!” It was such a blessing this last trip because God brought together other men of God that want to see the Arabs of Dearborn reached. My friend wants to record me preaching and put it on his internet radio site. We will also use pre-recorded messages from Gergis, our pastor in Egypt, as well. A friend of mine wants to help by promoting a website so others can order a free Bible whenever they click on a video link of me offering a Bible in Arabic. It was a blessing seeing the desire to see Arabs reached, but we need more! Pray to visit us once we get to Dearborn so you can get firsthand experience of the need. We pray to have an evangelistic campaign at the end of May. Be on the lookout for future details.

“These Muslims are friendly and receptive!” Pastor Chris Staub proclaimed. As we drove around the city, Pastor Staub, a local pastor in Dearborn Heights, bore his heart and spoke of many churches that have shut down and are now meeting places for false religions. Islam is on the rise, but one church building is now home to a Buddhist temple. The leaders of the largest mosque in the middle of Dearborn owns an old empty Presbyterian church building that would have been great for a gospel-preaching church. While going out though we found the Muslims need not be feared but loved. They took Bibles and some now attend Pastor Staub’s church looking for help. We need bold believers to come and share the gospel with them.

The trip to Dearborn revealed a lot of the Lord’s preparation for the way before us. While I was able to experience some of the things mentioned above, I also visited schools and got information so we can best judge where we will live. We still need extra funds for moving and setup. If you’d like to help, you can hit the link below or send it directly to MWBM and label it Gates Setup fund. I pray to find a home to move into in March. On the way back after I landed in Atlanta, the Lord let me help a young man that was broke down on the side of the road and share the gospel with him. We still communicate and I am helping him find his way to Christ.

Pastor Gergis and the church in Egypt continue growing numerically and in the faith. The new meeting they started is growing as well. They need a building for themselves. Will you consider helping to get this need in Egypt?

Let Me Know…
If you would love for me to come by and share our new field from Egypt to Dearborn, I’d be thrilled to share this with you.

Family Matters
The judge signed the TPR (take parent rights) form for the adoption of Noah! Beth prayed it would be signed by Jan 24 and it was! On the 24th of this month, the maternal mother’s rights will be taken, and we can go right into the adoption process. We then will schedule an adoption hearing and after that! He will be officially ours!

We are so blessed to see God opening amazing doors for His work through us. The day is coming closer when we will be able to get set up in Dearborn! We thank you all so much for your faithfulness through prayers and support. We know God uses you all to bless us and missionaries all over the globe.

For King Jesus
David, Beth, Joshua, Sandy, Emma and Noah


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