Gates Family: Arabs Of Dearborn MI April 2020 Prayer Letter

Gates Family: Arabs Of Dearborn MI April 2020 Prayer Letter

For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.Rom 11:36

What an amazing time that we are in right now! We are seeing the Lord of heaven, that is above all things work in ways that we have never seen before. We realize that He is still on the throne and no matter how the coronavirus has affected you; we can still trust that God is good and in control. We pray with you all during these times. We deeply appreciate you all faithfully supporting us during these unique days. Thanks for your prayers and help. God uses you all to encourage and help us and we pray to be a blessing to you all too.

He Still Reigns
“The God of peace gives peace.” I proclaimed. I am sure you all have been trying to minister in different ways. The Lord opened a door up for me to be a part of a Virtual Missions Conference with Hoschton Baptist Church, Pastor Cory Sexton. (Share the Link below with English/Spanish/Arab friends). He asked me to preach in Arabic because their online audience has more than tripled. He knows people are searching for hope. I preached in Arabic and friends in Egypt heard and also some of my Muslim friends listened, as well. I wanted to share a God honoring gospel message that would be understood by the Muslim or any other seeker. Pray that the Lord used this to see them saved. I am currently following up with them this week.

“What did you mean about being reborn?” my Muslim friend asked. I also preached an online revival with several friends. It was a 3-day online revival where we had 4-5 preachers a night. I preached on the God that is sufficient for these days. My Muslim friend listened in and asked questions. I believe the Lord used this short message to open up his heart and others. Pray for his salvation and hundreds of others through the online presence.

“We want to co-labor with you all!” Another pastor shared. We have had the opportunity to speak with pastors through ZOOM, an online group meeting. Some had to cancel missions conferences, so we spoke through different means. It grieves me that we cannot personally visit these churches right now, but it also blesses us to see pastors keeping missions in front of their churches in a different kind of way. One of our supporting churches simply wanted us to share some blessings by video and I just heard from one of the college students at the church that saw the video and was encouraged. Our mission board MWBM, also had us share a short word of encouragement and posted it on Facebook and Twitter. We have to think outside of the box to try and get the gospel out.

“We can put together missions video classes!” God lets me work with other missionaries to put together missions materials. We are currently trying to put together missions classes by video while others prepare material for children to get involved. We cannot travel as much, but while stuck near home, we want to use our time to get out more missions material. If you would like your 8-17 year old involved in a mission’s club, go to this website to get them signed up. They will be able to communicate with missionaries and do evangelistic projects and be rewarded. We need to keep Christ in front of all age groups. Pray as we do all we can to reach the world for Christ. God also has a family ready to team up with us when we get to Dearborn! Also, we can use the Arabic message I preached to give to our internet radio partners so we can get more teaching to the masses!

“He arose! Trust in Him!” Pastor Gergis preached! Our Egyptian friends are reaching others online as well. Pastor Gergis preaches from his home to those in our church in Egypt and hundreds more. The virus effects many and we pray through this, thousands will come to Christ. Pray as the ministry grows in Egypt. God lets me keep in touch with Pastor Gergis to encourage, listen to and teach. We thank God the work started there keeps on! Don’t forget to share for the Building Fund Egypt!

Thousands contracted the COVID-19 virus in Dearborn MI. Many are now gone and into eternity. We are grieved that most, if not all of those are in hell. Pray that as soon as this pandemic calms, we can get to Dearborn MI ASAP!

For the King of Kings
David, Beth, Joshua, Sandy, Emma and Little Noah!
Deut 31:6-8

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