Gates Family May/June 2020 Prayer Letter

Gates Family May/June 2020 Prayer Letter

And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.
Col 1:19

We cannot thank you enough for your prayers during these times. We know these days are difficult. We have been affected in a great way. You may have noticed I did not send out our May monthly prayer letter as I planned. That is why I am making this our May/June letter. Thanks again for standing with us and co-laboring with us for His name in all the earth.

He is on the Throne
“Lord let me see my family again.” I cried. I tested positive for COVID-19 near the middle of May and tried to wait it out for the 14 days. I steadily got worse and went to the hospital when my oxygen levels dropped into the danger zone. I was in the hospital 8 days 6 of them in ICU, thinking I would not make it out, but praise the Lord I now am beginning to feel as if I never had the virus. I am doing much better and the doctor has cleared me. Coronavirus affects your lungs and there are precautions. I have to get an X-Ray and follow up with the doctor mid-July, but I praise the Lord for another day to serve Him!!

“Praise the Lord! The adoption is over!” We shouted the victory! As many of you know, we have been trying to adopt Noah for a long time. The timing is in God’s hand. Beth sensed from the Lord Noah would be ours even before he was born. We had a virtual court hearing on June 10, and he is now according to the law, our son! This is a huge step forward for us and the ministry ahead.

We will be leaving by the end of July.” I said to Louis, our landlord. We praise the Lord that we finished the adoption and now can legally get a residence in Dearborn MI. We started looking for a home and due to the state shutdowns, coronavirus and things of this nature, we had to take a small step back. Now that I am recovering, we can truly move forward to close things down in GA and move to Michigan. I pray to find a home at the beginning of July while packing and getting things done ASAP. I will follow-up with the doctor in July, as well. After finding a home, we can steadily move things up to Dearborn and be there before July is finished. Praise the LORD! Pray for wisdom and grace as we finish things here and get moving to the field God called us to: The Arabs of America in Dearborn!

“Thanks for help to get my wife’s medicine.” George said. Brother Dave, a friend from Silvery Lane Baptist in Dearborn Heights MI contacted me to be a help to an Arabic speaking Jordanian named George. Bro Dave doesn’t know Arabic, but when George dropped into the church, Dave gave him an Arabic bible and found out that George needed meds for his wife. We took steps together as I interpreted from here and Dave worked so we could get medicine and prescriptions for his wife. After days, we were able to do this and I continued building relations with George. I told him that we can continue studying the Bible together when I get to Dearborn. God is already preparing hearts so we can start His work! Pray for hundreds more to be ready to hear God’s word when we get there.

“Trust in Christ alone for salvation!” I preached in Arabic. Before I got COVID-19, I started preaching Arabic messages for Lighthouse Global Studios to be put on satellite television. I may have gotten kicked out of Egypt but pray His word will get in through Satellite TV and in other Arab countries, as well. I also put these messages on our website. We then will use the audio to put onto an Internet Radio Website with our friend Bro Bill, that will target Dearborn. I also made an Arabic video advertising for a free NT. We pray to target Dearborn and other Islamic areas with this video that will get God’s word in hands and give us contacts for His work. What a great opportunity! 

“Christ is our salvation.” Pastor Gergis preached. In Egypt, the believers still have to have virtual meetings. Pastor Gergis is praying for ways to start meeting as a church family soon. The group is large, but the meeting space is small. They may have multiple meetings with smaller amounts of people. Keep praying to see the believers purchase their own building. The work is moving forward by His grace.

Put the people of Dearborn in your prayers. We will be there soon. Also, pray for those effected by this virus. Pastor Austin Gardner a dear friend of mine is in ICU. Pray he will fully recover so he too can continue serving King Jesus!

For the Lord Jesus Christ
David, Beth, Joshua, Sandy, Emma and Noah Gates
Phil 1:20-21


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