Gates Family Nov/Dec 2020 Prayer Letter

Gates Family Nov/Dec 2020 Prayer Letter

And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS:

Matthew 1:21

The most amazing miracle is that God manifest Himself as a man to die for our sins! Praying you all are staying safe and healthy. We have had a unique couple of months. We thank you all for your prayers and support of us. We pray God uses you all to touch lives this Christmas Season.

God’s Grace in Tribulation

“David, this is your mom. I hope to see you all soon, bye.” This is the last voice message that my wonderful mother, Kris Gates, left for me on my phone when we were headed to VA to see her in the hospital. My mother went to be with Christ on November 19 after a battle with strokes and heart problems. It came as a shock because mom has always been in great health. She would help other elderly in the church by taking them to doctors, cleaning their homes, or just giving a kind call. When she came to Dearborn, we even went door-knocking together, and she also continually passed out the gospel to Muslim women in the park. I could go on and on about how God used her in our lives. It has been a difficult season for us, but I thank God for the love of Christ and sacrificial giving to others that mom taught us. God gives grace and direction right when I need it. We thank all of you that gave prayers, food, finances, and also kind words. We are blessed even in the midst of the unknown.

“We finished the purchase of our new place of worship!” Pastor Gergis exclaimed. It was such a blessing seeing the pictures of our friends in Egypt, painting, scraping, cleaning, and building! After a long time of saving and working, the believers in Egypt finally have a place they call their own. We know this is through your gifts and their giving as well! They will leave the rented apartment and be in the new bigger place before the end of the year. This is an answer to prayer!

“I have an Ex-Muslim man that wants to meet with you!” Pastor Brown of Livonia said. What a blessing to start meeting with a man that used to call on the god of the Quran, but now follows Jesus. Right now, we are going through the basics, and I am answering his questions. It is so refreshing meeting with my Lebanese friend that rejects Islam and hungers to learn about Christ.

“I am a Muslim; I do not need that.” A lady told us while door knocking. I asked this lady if she knew she would go to heaven, and she didn’t. I offered her God’s word, to tell her she could know this, but she refused to listen further. It is getting cold up here in Dearborn, but we still like to share the love of Christ in daily relationships or planned visits. We give the gospel, and we also invite them to our Bible study. Pray for these endeavors.

God has blessed with several that want to take down the stronghold of Islam here in Dearborn. Bro Bill and Marwan develop websites to reach Muslims and Bill comes to do visits frequently. I just met Bro Josh Levesque of Emmanuel Corunna MI, this week as they plan to start Dearborn Baptist Church this upcoming year. A young couple prays about coming here to minister. We still need more laborers! The stronghold of Islam can be destroyed with the power of Christ! Pray to come to help us maybe for a week, month, or longer. God will use you!

I will be preaching at the Our Generation Summit that is scheduled for Dec 28-30. What an amazing conference that focuses on world missions! Come and hear great preaching at Vision Baptist Alpharetta GA. Pastor Chris Staub of Silvery Lane Dearborn Heights MI requested my presence at their Winter Revival, so I will be able to share the need in Dearborn and meet dozens of pastors. What great opportunities!

Family Matters

It was a blessing to celebrate 13 years of marriage to Beth on December 15! What a blessing to have her next to me these wonderful years! She’s absolutely wonderful! Looking forward to many more!