Gates Family Jan 2021 Prayer Letter

Gates Family Jan 2021 Prayer Letter

For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

2 Cor 4:6

What a blessing that God has given us a New Year to serve Him in a distraught land! Many seem discouraged, angry and bewildered and this is the time to shine the Gospel of Christ into the darkness. Thank you all for so faithfully supporting us in 2020. We pray the Lord uses you to spread His name to those in need of the Saviour.

A Tool For His Glory

“I am being attacked from all sides!” Last month I mentioned that the Lord is using me to disciple my friend that left Islam for Christ. His family is hurt and angry with Him. He and his uncle are the only believers in his family. Now his friends and family continually send videos that try to discredit Christ and the word. This is tough on this young believer. I praise the Lord for the opportunity to teach him God’s word and to answer His questions. Keep him in prayer.

“I would like a holy bible.” On our website, we offer bibles and also English classes. Noel found our website and ordered a Bible. I went to visit my friend and his family that are Iraqi Catholics. I held a short Bible study with them and plan to meet them weekly in their home. Also, I will meet with a Lebanese man this week for English classes. Beth plans to meet a Muslim lady for classes as well. Pray the Lord uses these opportunities.

“My family has Covid-19.” Cammy said. While visiting door to door, Bro Mario and I, led her to Christ. She is still young in the faith and is scared to leave her home. She has at least one friend that died and many in her family are still sick. Beth and I periodically go to her home to encourage her. Beth also stays in touch with her to answer questions from God’s word. Pray for others that have this wretched virus.

“One just made a profession of faith!” Bill said. God lets us go out for visitation, even in cold Michigan. Many are excited about visiting our Bible study and we have some professions of faith. Pray as we follow-up with these to see them get saved and grow in the faith.

While serving here, Pastor Gergis and the church in Egypt are growing in the faith. The new place of worship is ready to go and they are getting ready to have in depth studies on the indigenous church. Pastor Gergis is preparing materials and he will be teaching this vital topic with another pastor in the area. Pray the people see the importance of the church.

“Let Christ turn your world upside down and He can use you to turn the world upside down!” The Lord let me preach alongside many friends and missionaries at the Our Generation Summit. It blessed me immensely to see hundreds of young people, pastors, youth pastors and missionaries looking to see His name magnified. God let me deal with Michael, a young man, that surrendered to go to the mission field. The Lord also let me preach at Winter Revival Meeting and to share the work in Dearborn. Praise the Lord for being used to speak His name.

Family Matters

Pray for Beth as she has extreme, frequent migraines along with other health issues and is seeing specialists and getting tests done. “I am 7!” Emma celebrated her birthday Jan 19. We had fun celebrating as a family. Great memories!

Think On These Things

There are riots, lockdowns, Covid spread and much more. Many of these matters also affect Dearborn and the surrounding areas. We pray the Lord uses us to encourage the lost with the gospel. Keep the city and the surrounding areas in prayer.

The Gates Family